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Being a Consistently Inconsistent Reader

This post from Tumblr perfectly describes my relationship with books. If you ask me on any given day while I’m going about my business if there is something else I’d rather be doing, reading is going to be high on that list. But if you ask me how often I actually read… well, I’m going […]

Must Do’s on Your Next Trip to Salem, MA

If you’re like me, then you’re likely going stir crazy from isolation and are using the time (lots, and lots of time) to plan your next vacation for when the world returns to normal. I have the pleasure of living in a vacation destination. Well, at least in the month of October it’s a vacation […]

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Pregnant

There are things I thought about before getting pregnant, and things I didn’t think I had to think about. One of those things I didn’t think about is the random pains that come with pregnancy. I thought about eventual back pain as pregnancy progressed, and of course contractions when the time came, but I had […]

10 Things I Love to do in Disney. And you will too!

As the doldrums of Winter set in, and I get more desperate for a warm getaway, I’ve been reading a lot of posts and articles about Disney. To my amazement, many of them have been kind of downers. “Avoid this”, “Don’t go here”, “I wish I hadn’t done that”. Please, don’t listen to these posts. […]